Thien An Art is a Catholic family business that produces and sells Church products such as wooden statues, altar bible, church accessories, Statues of different saints and religious icons. Thien An Art goal is to give a high quality and reasonable prices to Thien An Art Jsc client from different countries. We make sure that our staff and workers are doing well. Their passions of creating inspirational religious products are fruits of their experience and tradition. We encourage our team to build a very friendly and religious environment. So we will be able to reach the satisfactions of our customers. Our dream is to help persons who are searching the deeper meaning of life and develop an intimate relationship with God through our products. The qualities of materials that we are using are done meticulously. The staff and our workers are trying their best to have a good and just relationship from the dealers, suppliers and companies that we are working with. Now is the best time to grab the opportunity of making business in Vietnam especially in our company. Since the prices of our products are cheap and better quality than the other country. Currently we are working with Australian, America, Canada and Europe.