Our Lady, Religious Christianity Wood Relief Panel for the Wall

Listing Description Our Lady, Religious Christianity Wood Relief Panel for the Wall, with a metal hook at the back facilitates hanging.
Detailed Description
Virgin of Caresses
Religious Cedar Relief Panel Wall Art
Cradled in his mother’s arms, the infant Jesus reaches a chubby hand to caress her face. The Virgin gazes lovingly at her son with a look of infinite tenderness. Golden haloes surround them in this relief carving by the Ramírez Montalvo Family. They select fragrant Fokienia (or other) wood, applying delicate color with oil paints and finishing the sculpture.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Religious Cedar Wood Relief Wall Panel
Acclaimed by many of the Catholic faith, when Mary is invoked as Our Lady of Perpetual Help, she will concede great miracles. Ever present and ready to comfort, the kindness in her heart is masterfully transmitted in this relief panel by the Thien An Art. Carved from Fokienia(or other) wood and hand painted with luminous oils, the reverent portrait reveals a Byzantine influence.

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